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Reflections on the Experiment in Scholarship


Knight School

When I started this blog as part of my first course in the Queen’s University of Charlotte online Master of Arts in Communication program in September 2013, I viewed my foray into the world of graduate studies as a “hopeful experiment.” As my first experience with Master’s level study,  I knew the journey would be a grand experiment of trial(s) and error(s) and that I’d be making it up as I went along. However, I began the journey full of hope that the challenges of the process would yield affirming, even life-changing, results.

This video will give you an overview of why I chose a Masters degree in communication, and why I chose Queens to get me there.

As I complete the journey, with a completed-thesis near at hand, I can confirm that my first instincts were correct–this has been a hopeful experiment. Indeed, there were many trials and errors, and there were many times that I felt like I was in the communication laboratory mixing theoretic potions that were either going to yield brilliant insights or were going to blow up in my face. Further, I can confirm that my hope was not misplaced–the highs and lows have yielded positive results.

The lessons of the program have transcended the classroom to impact my work life. I use the strategic communication plan theoretical template in COMM 613 in my consulting business (now available as a book at I have used assignments to craft my own personal brand strategy, to build and grow online communities, and to transition in my career. I have learned to use new digital platforms (Soundcloud, Prezi, Soundcast-O-Matic) and have become even more intimate with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and MS Word. And, brother/sister, I can type like a [insert inappropriate simile here].  I can now confidently claim expertise in the areas of computer mediated communication, online communities, female entrepreneurial identity, and more. The contents of this blog stand as a testimony to my experience with these projects and platforms.

What I did not expect, in a classroom environment that looks like this,:

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… was to make close, authentic connections with my classmates that mitigated the physical distance and allowed me to feel that I was in a “place” with friends and colleagues. [For more of my glowing testimonial on the program, visit

MA COMM Class of 2015

Digital Portfolio

While this blog in its entirety constitutes a digital portfolio of my work in the MA COMM program, the table of contents below will link readers to the required elements of COMM 681’s digital portfolio assignment.

Digital Portfolio Table of Contents:

Masters Coursework

Reflections on Learning Outcomes:

  1. Theoretical Literacy
  2. Research Literacy
  3. Digital and Media Literacy
  4. Writing Literacy
  5. Ethical Consideration
  6. Global Awareness
  7. Comprehensive Communication Project