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Skype Interview (Week 2)


On September 5, Nikki (Ashley) Edmondson helped me get a head start on our homework for Week 2 and invited me to a Skype call.

Skype Screen Capture

After spending a week or so feeling like I was clawing through the coursework alone, is was a great comfort to see the face of someone in the same boat as I.

Nikki is a recent graduate of NC State University, with a degree in Public Relations. She is currently working for a law firm, but hopes her degree will allow her to transition into the nonprofit space, a place where her passion lies.

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for NC State: 50 years ago my parents met and married while students at NC State, thus I owe my very existence to the school.

I’m looking forward to more Skype sessions–I use Skype in my business for both video and IM with clients, colleagues, and staff. So, just to warn you, when you add me as a Skype contact…

this is my Skype photo:


But this is what I actually look like when I Skype:

Angela Skype-ing

only normally with fewer roots showing.

I’m keeping Skype “online” whenever I’m doing coursework, so Skype me!



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