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Organizational Dwelling Place as seen in Firefly


This video illustrates the organizational communication ethic of “dwelling place,” with space, the ship (Serenity), and the organization of the crew each functioning as a type of “dwelling.”  This presentation will give you an overview of the concept of dwelling place, discuss the essential elements of navigating competing goods, the “saying” versus the “said,” and institutions versus organizations, then illustrate these concepts as portrayed in Josh Whedon’s Firefly (2002).

Check back here by the end of April for a link to my research paper on the topic.

Question: what movies/television programs come to mind when you think of dwelling place as an ethic?



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  1. I am a huge Browncoat so I was so thrilled to see you use Firefly. It is such an excellent application of dwelling place. Great video Angela! I greatly look forward to reading your paper!

  2. […] learn more about dwelling place, view this presentation on the […]

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