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Digital Dwelling Place: A Digital Literacy Project



This podcast presents the theoretical construct of digital dwelling place and discusses how it can be used by social media community managers to build vibrant virtual communities.


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  1. […] My Capstone inquiry project takes the form of a thesis, with an investigation of leadership in unstructured online spaces. The study examines leadership in group interaction patterns emerging in unstructured communicative practices in the context of online forums. I conducted a textual analysis of the content of a 19-month (November 2013 – May 2015) Facebook chat created by a cohort of graduate students in the Queens online program. I examined literature on four main themes: computer mediated communication (CMC), e-leadership (online leadership), online group and e-team interaction patterns, and unstructured communicative practice. I then conducted a grounded theory analysis of the text transcript (1551 pages of text), looking for emergent themes in the text. As of this writing, I am still in the coding phase of the project, but the next steps are analysis of the data via the theoretical framework of e-leadership and e-team trust (Zocarro & Bader, 2003) and the writing of the discussion and conclusion. This project integrates multiple theories and addresses a current communication issue–leadership and followership in online spaces. Further, it serves as a continuation of two previous inquiry projects I conducted in the program: Firefly and Dwelling Place and Dwelling Place and Digital Literacy. […]

  2. […] COMM 655: Digital Dwelling Place: A Digital Literacy Project (Podcast) […]

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